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Personal Training, Small Group Classes, Yoga

Coach Jade
Group Class Instructor


I grew up in a military family and fell in love with fitness at a young age.


I have always been fascinated by the human body, and after having my daughter I decided to follow my dream of being a fitness instructor! I’ve been in the game for a little over 3 years now and it’s the most rewarding thing I have ever done!


I am looking forward to helping so many more people on their fitness journeys!

Coach Joseph
Group Class Instructor


I am a Level1 Crossfit instructor and owner of Warfuel Kitchen meal prep! I have a very strong passion for health and wellness and began my journey to regain my health and fitness in 2015. 

Weighing in at just over 290lbs I quickly realized that diet and proper fitness is key. I started implementing Crossfit and proper nutrition to my life and lost over 70lbs! Since then I have helped hundreds of individuals lose weight and regain not only their health but their happiness and confidence! I look forward to helping many more with not only their meal prep and nutrition but to lend a helping hand along their entire weight loss journey! Please message me for more details and plan packages!

Coach Joni
Yoga Teacher


I specialize in Hatha Yoga with emphasis in unilateral strength and balance.


With over 20 years experience as a public health practitioner and researcher, I believe that successful health interventions start with ourselves.


Also, I am a competitive cyclist and I have found that yoga reminds me how profound our breath can be during exercise and everyday life. Yoga is also critical for helping me reach optimal range of motion with power and strength while constantly engaging the core.


I look forward to helping you become long, lean, strong and balanced!